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Kirstin Zhang, Watching and Waiting.


Cybermouse Books are delighted to feature Kirstin Zhang, winner of the Scotsman and Orange Short Fiction Prize, in our forthcoming collection, Watch & Wait

Kirstin was brought up in Papua New Guinea, during one of the worst droughts in its history. She now lives on the west coast of Scotland and never complains about the rain.

Her story, The Enemy Within, is set in Indonesia. In 1965, the slaughter of nearly one million suspected Communists during an army coup by General Suharto was largely ignored by the Western press and is still not widely discussed in Indonesia today. Many further potential victims lived for thirty years alongside their enemy, always watching, always waiting to be discovered.

Kirstin is currently working on a short story collection ‘In Their Song’ set in Japan during the dying days of the Pacific War.

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