Mariana & The Merchild

We are delighted to include Caroline Pitcher’s story ‘Mariana and the Merchild’ in our

'Watch & Wait: A Timeless Anthology.'

Winner of the Kathleen Fiddler Literature Prize and Independent Story of the Year, Caroline spent most of her childhood out-of-doors in East Yorkshire. Much of her writing is concerned with the relationship between people and the natural world. 'My story Mariana and the Merchild was inspired by a Chilean folk tale about a Pincoya, or Sea Spirit, and a sad old woman. She's much happier in my story,' says Caroline, 'I wrote it to be illustrated by Jackie Morris, who at first had nightmares about painting the Spirit appearing from the sea. There are mermaids and mermen in almost every culture and the story has become very popular, in particular with mothers, perhaps because of the hard choice old Mariana has a to make.'

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